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An orthopedic specialist for over 41 years, Dr. Larry Likover is a prominent Houston knee surgeon who remains on the leading edge of knee repair.

He was one of the first knee specialists in Houston to perform arthroscopic ACL reconstruction, an Oxford partial knee replacement, and MRI-designed total knee replacement.

He performs all types of knee surgeries, as well as shoulder and hip replacements. In addition to performing surgical procedures, Dr. Likover provides complete orthopedic care for patients through his Houston office.

Hospital affiliations include Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital and Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center.

Dr. Likover in the News

Dr. Likover often participates in media interviews and has been featured on Great Day Houston, ABC13’s Healthcheck, KHOU and ABC13 news, and in the Houston Chronicle, among others.

You can view videos of a sampling of his interviews and features here and below.

If you are a member of the media and would like to contact Dr. Likover, please call 713-465-0696.

Knee Replacement Surgery Takes a Step Forward
In this Houston Chronicle Health News feature, reporter Kyrie O’Connor describes what happens as Dr. Likover performs a total knee replacement surgery at Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center. Photos included.

Total Knee Replacement Not Necessary in Many Cases
Dr. Likover explains that while total knee replacements are necessary in some cases, performing an Oxford partial knee replacement could save much of the natural knee in many patients.

Surgery Helps Those With Extreme Cases of Arthritis
On ABC13 news, Christi Myers tells about the transformation of patient Ruth Marshall, whose knees were destroyed by osteoarthritis, after Houston knee surgeon Dr. Larry Likover performed a Intellijoint Knee replacement with MRI. Two weeks after knee surgery, Ruth’s deformed knee was straight.

Knee Surgery Articles

Severe Knee Pain: Common Causes and Treatment Options
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