Submitting X-Rays for Review

Dr. Likover is happy to review your x-rays for a possible Oxford partial knee replacement or Intellijoint total knee replacement procedure.

X-Ray Requirements

To evaluate your cases for a possible Oxford or Intellijoint knee replacement procedure, two x-rays are required, and one additional view is helpful.

Standing AP X-Ray

Most important is a standing AP weight-bearing (front) view of the knee with the knee bent 20 degrees.

Most orthopedists and hospitals can shoot an x-ray in this position, but most family practitioners cannot.

Lateral View

A lateral view lying on the x-ray table is also necessary.

Merchant View (Optional)

A Merchant view of the patella (kneecap) is helpful, but not required.

Most orthopedists have a Merchant frame required to shoot this view, but most hospitals do not.

Submission Instructions: Traditional Film X-Rays vs Digital X-Rays

You need to find out if the x-ray facility is shooting traditional x-rays on film or the new digital ones for purposes of sending your films to Dr. Likover for evaluation.

How to Submit Traditional Film X-ray Views


I recommend you have copies made of your x-ray films and send them to me via US mail, FedEx, or UPS to the address below.

Usually, the facility where you had them taken can make copies at a minimal charge.

Please send your e-mail address with the x-rays.

Larry Likover M.D.
902 Frostwood Suite 269
Houston, Texas 77024


Alternatively, you are welcome to put your x-rays up on an x-ray view box at a doctor’s office or hospital and take a digital picture of them with your digital camera or smartphone.

If you choose to e-mail photos of your x-rays, first submit a form to Dr. Likover. Dr. Likover will then give you his e-mail for sending x-rays.

This prevents the need to pay for copies and for postage. When you visit my office, I will need to take a new set of x-rays to precisely measure your knee for the proper size of Oxford implant.

How to Submit Digital X-ray Views


If the facility has taken digital x-rays of your knee, you need to have them make a CD copy of your x-rays at minimal charge.

You need to mail the CD to:

Larry Likover M.D.
902 Frostwood Suite 269
Houston, Texas 77024
Please send your e-mail address with your CD

E-mail Submissions Not Accepted

Do not try to download the CD x-ray file on your computer and e-mail it to me; this will not work.

Each digital x-ray system is different and I require the additional software that comes on the CD to be able to open the x-ray file of a given system.