Hip, Shoulder & Knee Surgeon in Houston

A renowned knee surgeon in Houston, Dr. Larry Likover treats patients from around the world who come to him for all types of knee problems. Dr. Likover performs total and partial knee replacements of all types. Dr. Likover performs all types of arthroscopic knee surgery as well, including ACL reconstruction, meniscus and kneecap procedures. Dr. Likover provides complete care of all types of knee problems from sports injuries to osteoarthritis.

Dr. Likover also performs a wide range of orthopedic procedures including hip replacement, shoulder replacement and all types of shoulder surgery designed to correct the painful shoulder.

Knee Surgeon Services

Hip Surgeon Services

Shoulder Surgeon Services

Experiencing shoulder pain? Dr. Likover provides diagnosis and treatment including:

  • Impingement/Bursitis Procedures
  • Rotator Cuff Arthroscopic repair
  • Shoulder Replacement

If you are considering surgical treatment and want one of the best hip, shoulder or knee surgeons in Houston, contact Dr. Likover to schedule an appointment.