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Houston Knee Specialist Dr. Larry Likover

Dr. Larry L. Likover, a renowned knee specialist in Houston, Texas, provides complete care of the knee for all patients, whether you need a total replacement, repair of a sports related injury, minor surgery such as arthroscopy, or injection therapy for osteoarthritis.

Dr. Likover is also one of the best knee surgeons in Houston. Patients come from across the country and around the world for his knee replacement procedures.

If you come to Dr. Likover for your knee, you won’t be referred to another knee surgeon for a total replacement or a different knee specialist for an arthroscopy for a meniscus tear, sports injury  or chondromalacia of the kneecap. Whatever your knee requires, Dr. Likover can provide it.

The Knee Specialist Houston Athletes see for Sports Injury Treatment

As a Houston knee specialist, Dr. Likover is well-trained in the care of sports injury of the knee and has treated recreational to professional athletes. For over three decades, Dr. Likover was the designated team doctor for all Katy Independent School District athletic teams.

Dr. Likover has repaired blown-out knees from all types of sports and fixed all types of fractures of the lower extremity. Dr. Likover was one of the first knee specialists in Houston to perform arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction back in 1985. Since that time, he has performed hundreds of those procedures. Dr. Likover has also performed thousands of knee arthroscopies for various knee problems from sports injuries to arthritic degeneration of the knee.

Best Knee Replacement Surgeon for Partial & Total Knee Replacement

Partial Knee Replacement

Until 2004, total knee replacement was the standard procedure done in the U.S. for a partially or completely worn-out knee. Dr. Likover went to the first training course given in Texas for Oxford partial knee replacement in October 2004. This breakthrough procedure was the first procedure to allow partial replacement of the knee with a high success rate.

Subsequent to meeting the Food and Drug Administration training requirements for Oxford, Dr. Likover has performed more Oxfords than most every orthopedist in Texas. Oxford is not for everyone and Dr. Likover performs over 250 partial and total replacements a year.

Total Knee Replacement

For total knee replacements (TKRs), Dr. Likover employs the Intellijoint online computer installation of the implant. This technology  ensures perfect positioning and alignment of the implant, resulting in a more natural-feeling knee with a full range of motion.

Dr. Likover was one of the first doctors in Texas performing Intellijoint designed total knee replacement. Intellijoint technology came out in 2022.  Dr, Likover has already performed over 400 of these surgeries.

Media Interviews & Television Appearances

As a recognized knee specialist in Houston, Dr. Likover has participated in several media interviews and made television appearances, including on Great Day Houston, ABC13’s Healthcheck, KHOU and ABC13 news. You can view a few here.

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Dr. Likover has over 43 years of experience in the diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of all kinds of knee problems. He is a “one-stop shop” for your knee. Whatever you need for your knee, Dr. L can provide!

If you have questions or need to schedule an appointment, please call our reception desk at 713-465-0696 or submit a form online. You may also schedule an appointment online.