ACL Surgery Videos, Knee & Hip Replacement Videos & More

Below you will find ACL surgery videos, knee and hip replacement videos and more from Dr. Likover’s collection. Some of the videos show actual surgical procedures, others demonstrate how an implant works.

Television Appearances

XP Knee Replacement
Total Knee Replacement
Dr. Likover on Channel 13 News introduces the Oxford Partial Knee Replacement
Partial Knee Replacement -- Dr. Likover Discusses the Advantages
Dr. Likover on Custom Total Knee Replacement - Channel 11 News
Signature Knee Replacement Patient Dancing, Dr. Likover on Great Day Houston
Magnum Hip Replacement on Great Day Houston
Osteoarthritis, Dr. Likover's Worse Case Ever on Channel 13 News
Oxford Partial Knee Replacement- Dr Likover, Channel 11 News
Oxford Knee Replacement - Memorial Hermann - Breakthroughs every day


Surgery Videos

Surgery Images

Dr. likeover performing surgery
When Dr. Likover performs an Oxford or total replacement of the knee or hip, all operating personnel wear a surgical isolation suit to keep chances of an infection to a minimum.

Dr. likeover surgery assistant Dr. Likover and licensed physcian assistant in surgical isolation “space suit” for knee replacement.