Top Three Things to Do After Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery is becoming more common these days due to the increasing standards and quality of life that one gains after a procedure. With today’s technology facilitating minimally invasive procedures and faster recovery times, there seems to be almost little to no drawback to undergoing the surgery.

While the procedure has become incredibly easier to perform, the recovery process still requires a significant amount of effort on the both the doctor’s and patient’s part. To help anyone through this process, we have devised a list of things you should be doing to ensure a complete and successful recovery.

hip replacement

Develop a healthy diet

After an operation a considerable amount of blood loss occurs and with that, sometimes a blood transfusion is needed. It is important to remember that blood carries with it many components that the human body needs to survive, such as oxygen and nutrients. To ensure that your body will run again in tip-top shape, we recommend that you resume a healthy diet. An anti-inflammatory diet consisting of fruits and vegetables, along with sources of high fiber, will minimize inflammation and possible constipation.

Gradually incorporate more healthy exercise

Walking should be possible a day after surgery. During this time a bit of walking and small activities can be done and increased as time goes by. Movement will ensure that the proper muscle groups are being strengthened and promoting blood flow. A physical therapist will create a training program designed to help you get back on your feet without any assistance. In 4 to 6 weeks, you should be back to doing normal everyday activities, such as driving.

Make sure to follow up with your orthopedic surgeon

The final, most important thing that you should do is to have a follow-up appointment with your surgeon approximately 6 – 12 weeks after your hip replacement surgery. Your orthopedic surgeon will be able to determine how well you are healing and how long it will take to fully recover. They will also discuss with you any additional procedures required to ensure proper healing such as additional x-rays.

If you are considering hip replacement surgery, contact Dr. Likover, an experienced orthopedic surgeon in Houston, for a consultation.