XP Knee Replacement - A Breakthrough in Total Knee Replacement

As of July, 2014, there has been a major and exciting breakthrough in knee replacement. The breakthrough is the ability to keep your anterior cruciate ligament intact in a newly available total knee replacement called XP for cruciate preserving knee replacement. Up until this point in time all total knee replacements from all manufacturers required removing the anterior cruciate ligament. The anterior cruciate ligament is a major stabilizing force in the knee and guides the movement of the leg bones as the knee bends and straightens. It is felt that by retaining the anterior cruciate intact and preserving its function, the replaced knee will function is a much more natural way.

XP Knee Replacement

This video depicts the XP total Knee Replacement performed in Houston in motion demonstrating the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments being preserved and functioning normally in the knee. These ligaments together stabilize the human knee through a full range of motion. XP stands for cruciate preserving knee replacement.

The XP knee replacement procedure retains both of the major ligaments of the knee, the posterior cruciate and the anterior cruciate. Posterior cruciate retaining knee replacement has been available for many years, but the procedure requires removing the anterior cruciate ligament. The big advance with XP knee replacement is the ability to keep both cruciate ligaments. By keeping both cruciate ligaments the normal joint line level and the normal tightness of the knee are retained. The natural stability of the knee due to one’s own ligaments is kept intact. The XP knee replacement should reduce the number of unsatisfactory outcomes greatly because normal motion and natural stability of the knee are retained by keeping both cruciate ligaments.

Biomet company is the only manufacturer of this implant. There is no other knee replacement like the Vanguard XP knee in the world, which is it’s full name. You may have heard advertising like “Gender Specific”, “Get Around Knee” and “Verilast” knee replacement from various manufacturers of knee replacements. All of these implants require removing a normal anterior cruciate ligament.

To be able to perform this totally new type of knee replacement, Dr. Likover had to go to a special training course, the first one given in the United States, which included placing the knee in two cadaver knees. Very few doctors in the United States are qualified at this time to do the procedure.

This new type of knee replacement which retains natural knee anatomy, is available to a large number of people needing knee replacement due to pain and being worn out bone on bone. To qualify for this procedure one has to have a functioning anterior cruciate ligament. To find out whether you are a candidate for cruciate sparing total knee replacement in Houston you need to contact Dr. Likover via this website or phone. You may send your x-rays to him for consideration of the total knee replacement procedure by the method stated on this website.